Here in the United States, the focus seems to be very much on skin care PRODUCTS.  Everywhere you look, there are recommendations and lists that are revised on regular intervals on what the BEST products on the market are.  However, the truth is, we all do not have the same skin, so what works amazingly well for one of these editors or bloggers may not have the same outcome for you – because your skin is UNIQUE

Let’s be honest here:  how many products do you own that you tried a few times and were disappointed despite the fact that you were promised that that product was the miracle cream?

So, we have established that your skin is different and special.  Adding on to this concept however is the complicated truth that even your own skin is CONSTANTLY CHANGING.  Your skin in the summer may be different in the winter, and even within the same season, your skin will be different depending on your travels as you transition from a more arid to a more humid city, and each new location will also have softer or harder water (with different mineral contents) that will further impact your skin; your skin when you have your period may be different than the other times of the month; your skin when under stress could be different than when life has no stress; your skin when you are playing intense sports and working up a sweat vs when you are stuck at the office in an unfortunate sedentary position day after day; your skin might be impacted by what you just ate as some of us have skin that reacts to too much sugar or dairy or chocolate or gluten – etc, etc, etc.     

For optimal outcome, we will all have several options of products to use based on the state of our skin that day.  Here at Flora Kim Dermatology, it is our mission to help you find the RIGHT product for YOUR skin based on the circumstances of your life TODAY.

You have the RIGHT skin care products; now what?

The all important but hardly talked about concept of product ABSORPTION and PENETRATION

Fact:  It does not matter what the concoction of specially selected scientifically vetted ingredients your fabulous skin care product touts – if these ingredients cannot penetrate into your skin, then you are just wasting hundreds of dollars.  Your skin needs to be in a state where maximal ABSORPTION and PENETRATION can take place – so that you can actually even just begin to experience what the product is claiming it can do.

Your skin has to be in just the right healthy balance for this to happen.  But you can also help it along.

Here at Flora Kim Dermatology, we utilize the most cutting edge technology incorporating the powerful combination of SONOPHORESIS and IONTOPHORESIS so that powerful ingredients like vitamins, growth factors, or peptides can penetrate through all of the upper skin layers to work optimally and ensure maximal results.

Fact: Twenty minutes of the pulsed Iontophoresis is equal to seven hours of massage and five minutes of the low frequency Sonophoresis is equal to seven hundred hours of massage.