• Hand Care Tips to Protect Your Skin

    From rough winter weather to drying hand sanitizers, life can be hard on your hands. With COVID-19 safety still our number one priority, it has never been more important to protect the delicate ski...
  • Skinimalism: Everything You Need To Know

    Five years ago, the term “skinimalism” would get you nothing but some confused looks. Today, “skinimalism” is just about everywhere. According to the 2021 Trend Predictions Report, this new beauty ...
  • What is Night Cream and Why Do You Need It?

    Night creams are formulated to repair, replenish, and restore your skin from whatever the day brought your way. Depending on the formulation of the product you choose, night creams can help repair ...
  • What is the Skin Microbiome? (And Why You Should Know)

    By now, you are probably familiar with each pore, fine line, or sunspot on your face and body. But are you familiar with the billions of microorganisms living on your skin’s surface? These microorg...
  • What Is Hair Thinning?

    Did you know that the average person loses 50 to 100 hairs each day? It is completely normal for hair to shed or break — older hair must naturally fall out for new hair to grow. But over time, some...
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