What can I do about cellulite? What is AVELI?


Cellulite treatment is one of the fastest growing categories in aesthetics. Why? Because up to 90% of women have it and most women dislike such lumpy, dimpled skin. Don't you? Most importantly, I want you to know that cellulite is not your fault. Yes, lifestyle is a factor, but it is a common fact of being a woman and caused by hormones and genetics. Let's take a moment to love and accept our beautiful bodies.

What can be done about cellulite?

Women ask me all of the time if there is anything that they can do to reduce the appearance of their cellulite – and to be honest, it is really, really hard. Cellulite is complicated to treat because it is composed of multiple septa – fibrous bands that tether the skin to the structures below. These septa can change – they stiffen or shrink over time, which leads to the visible dimpling on the surface of the skin. 

As a doctor and a woman, I am very skeptical that there are any current treatment options that produce consistent, meaningful, and lasting results. Solutions that are from the outside-in, such as lotions, gels, and creams cannot release the problem of the septa – which is what has the most substantial impact on the appearance of the cellulite. 

Cellulite diagram


Will AVELI work for me?

On the horizon, there is a new treatment option by Revelle Aesthetics called AVELI – an FDA-cleared, disposable device designed to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite dimples in the buttocks and thighs by allowing a provider to identify and release culprit septa with real-time confirmation of the release, and with lasting results.

What does Dr. Kim think?

The AVELI device is supposed to be a minimally invasive procedure performed in about an hour, in a single office visit, with little-to-no downtime. The procedure is suited for women with varying degrees of cellulite severity and complexity. It is still unclear if these claims will hold up when medical professionals start to utilize this technology. Let’s stay tuned together. 

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