Giving Back

We believe in the fundamental principle of helping each other. Social entrepreneurship is thoughtfully woven into our mission, and we strive to cultivate a culture grounded in daily gratitude, mindfulness and servant heart. Every day, we see how the simple act of achieving healthy skin transforms self-confidence and instantly empowers each individual. Women should embrace their worth and radiate their inherent beauty, regardless of the struggles or challenges they face.

We work with both local and national non-profit organizations to find those who are most in need of our skincare expertise. We meet with each individual to discuss their concerns and gift our bespoke services to help boost careers, self-esteem, and outlooks on life.

We seek to empower

The tattoos I put on my face have become flags of past rebellion that I no longer wish to fly publicly anymore. I'm fighting CPS in court for my baby girl back and the tattoos, unfortunately, draw an image of me that is not accurate as a mother. They are symbols of huge mistakes in my life that I am working hard to overcome with the help of Flora Kim Dermatology.