T2 Black Matcha Flask

Matcha on the run? Right here! Featuring a hidden stainless steel whisk to help make your matcha quick smart, this is for those who need their green goodness to go! Follow the steps for a quick and easily made matcha latte all in one handy flask – just add matcha, water, milk, and shake – it's a seriously tasty matcha brew on the move!

1. Add a teaspoon of Matcha and 200mls/6.7 fl oz 80°C/176°F water.
2. Vent for 1 minute.
3. Screw the infuser and lid on and shake it up.
4. Count to 10 before opening, then unscrew the lid.
5. Top with warm milk and honey to taste.
Your Matcha is good to go!

Avoid filling right to the top!

Dimensions: 7.6cm x 17.5cm x 7.6cm

Capacity: 300ml

Body: stainless steel with thermal insulation, Whisk: Stainless steel, Filter: Silicone, Lid/Lip: 100% PP, Gasket/anti-leaking ring: silicone. Gentle hand wash only. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

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