T2 Tinted Black Teamaker

The brew tool that flips teatime on its head! The gadget every tea lover needs, the T2 Teamaker delivers a perfect drop every time – no mess, no fuss! The perfect size for one generous mug or two cups, the genius of this little wonder lies in its nifty bottom-pour mechanism – simply add hot water and tea to the top, then when brew time’s up, pop it on your cup and watch it do its thing! But the cleverness doesn’t end there – we’ve also made sure the lid is removable for easy cleaning. It is made from BPA-free Tritan™ and comes with its very own drip tray. 
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1. Add tea leaves & hot water into the T2 Teamaker.
2. Leave to brew for the recommended time.
3. Pop the T2 Teamaker on top of your cup and let the fun begin!
4. When your cup's full, just remove the T2 Teamaker to stop pouring.
5. Sit back, relax and enjoy every sip.

Pro tip: If using a small cup, just hover the Teamaker over the top and carefully press the base (keep your fingers away from the pourer in the centre) to manually release the tea into your cup.