We believe beauty is art. Through scientifically-proven technologies, powerful products, and bespoke regimens, we elevate your skin to the next level.

Dr. Kim’s Skincare Philosophy

Science, integrity, customization, and simplicity form Dr. Kim's cutting-edge skincare philosophy. She is committed to achieving your unique skin goals, always respectful of your natural beauty, and works relentlessly to formulate your bespoke beauty blueprint.

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Encompassing a wide spectrum of targeted products including cleansers, serums and effective tools and supplements, our skincare collection represents the best in self-care. Each formula has been meticulously hand-picked by Dr. Kim in order to help you achieve your healthy skin goals.



Whether it is virtual or in-person, a consultation is the first step toward healthier skin. Dr. Kim will actively listen to your skin concerns and formulate an effective treatment plan combining a thorough at-home skincare regimen with in-office procedures and technologies.

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Building Trust for over 10 Years

Our number one goal is to create happiness for our patients. Every patient has unique needs, and that's why we create a bespoke plan designed just for you. We are proud of the testimonials our patients have provided to us and are proud to help them on their individual skin journey. We would love to do the same for you.

Dr. Kim's Musings


A weekly diary focused on healthier skin through new treatments and technologies.

A future with no acne? What is AVICLEAR?

I do not think there is a single human being on this planet that has never experienced at least ONE pimple in his/her life. Acne affects all of us....
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Daxxify: The long-lasting frown line treatment

Although Botox was first to market, there have been several other competitor “neuromodulators” (simplified definition of a neuromodulator is a prod...
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EMFACE: Less wrinkles, more lift

In 2018, BTL disrupted the minimally invasive BODY contouring market with the launch of EMSCULPT. And now it is doing the same for the non-invasive FACIAL aesthetics with the introduction of EMFACE. What is it and what can it do for your face?
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