A future with no acne? What is AVICLEAR?


I do not think there is a single human being on this planet that has never experienced at least ONE pimple in his/her life. Acne affects all of us. But for some of us, the acne can be quite detrimental. We may have extensive acne all over the face, chest, and back… or it could be hormonal acne and pays its visit just monthly… and acne is not just for teenagers as adult-onset acne is a real thing. But even if it is just one zit, acne can make us feel like we are Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Attention we do not want.

But what actually works?

There are COUNTLESS products for acne. In my experience, because the causes for acne can be multi-factorial and each of us are distinctive human beings faced with different and constantly changing environments, habits, diets, activity, and stressors, not to mention our unique genetic blueprints (ever wonder why what works for your best friend doesn’t work for you?) –acne solutions need to be just as comprehensive and responsive.


Acne formation diagram

Enter AVICLEAR – Cutera’s new laser that is FDA-cleared for the treatment of acne

And what type of acne? All of them - mild, moderate, and severe acne. And for what skintypes? All of them too! So this laser is good for anyone who has any type of acne. And there’s one other great thing about this laser – OFF-label, it can treat OILY skin too - so say good-bye to that shiny face.

The results of the clinical studies are impressive

What intrigued me about this laser is its mechanism of action – it selectively targets the sebocytes (oil-producing cells on our skin) and suppresses sebum (oil) production. This is exactly how the most potent acne medication we dermatologists use – the oral prescription Isotretinoin (Accutane, Absorica, Claravis, Amnesteem, Myorisan, Zenatane, etc) works. The results of the clinical studies are impressive – after 3 thirty minute treatments (administered in office once a month for 3 months), 90% of patients had visible improvement in their acne at 6 months. And even after 12 months, the clinical findings show this improvement continued to increase, confirming the continual improvement of acne clearing. Furthermore, you can undergo the Aviclear laser even while you continue other medications such as Accutane (this is not a typo!).

What does Dr. Kim think?

After much research, I am excited to share that I have decided to bring AVICLEAR to my office. I only want the best for each of my patients and want to ensure that we have a breadth of scientifically-vetted options to deliver clear, beautiful, and radiant skin. This laser is a great option for anyone who wants to add a new modality and be done with acne. If you are frustrated with your current acne regimen or if you no longer want to be on an oral antibiotic or Accutane – whatever your situation may be, come schedule an appointment with me and let’s formulate an effective strategy to get you to acne free skin.

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Remember, having healthy beautiful skin requires a 360 degree approach or a multifaceted strategic action plan. Topicals are super fundamental but they are only a part of the holistic regimen. For truly optimal results, we must combine daily lifestyle commitments that include consciousness in morning & evening skin routine, diet, sleep, exercise, stress-levels (try meditation and nurturing self-care), and regularly scheduled proactive and preventative in-office medical procedures and technologies.

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