Achieve Instantaneous Results with Filler & Hyaluronidase


Dermal fillers can accomplish many beauty goals, from sharper cheekbones to reduced wrinkles, and one of the main advantages is that you can expect to see instantaneous results and gain immediate gratification. The key, however, lies in the expert knowledge and experience of your injector in the selection of the correct filler, as many exist in the US market and each has a defined performance profile. For example, you wouldn't want to inject a volumizing filler into a fine upper lip line. Futhermore, a true veteran injector will have a wide spectrum of fillers available so that each of your aesthetic concerns can be optimally addressed. So key takeaways are finding an injector that understands the nuances between all the available fillers and also has on hand a diversified collection of fillers to customize to address your needs. Now let's start with the basics. 

Obtain a More Symmetrical and Youthful Appearance

Fillers soften the fine lines around your mouth, lips, and eyes for a smoother complexion. These also target deeper wrinkles like the nasolabial fold — indented lines that extend from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth, also known as "laugh lines" or "smile lines".

Creating volume on your face, such as more pronounced cheekbones and fuller lips, plumping and lifting sunken facial areas like hollow temples and tear troughs (lower eyelid hollowing) for a more youthful-looking appearance, and correcting facial asymmetry, such as drooping lip corners are all possible through the art of injecting dermal fillers.

Temporary vs. Permanent Fillers

Permanent fillers may sound appealing and time-efficient since you only have to inject fillers once to enjoy your desired appearance. Unfortunately, as an experienced dermatologist, I have seen many cases where fillers were injected incorrectly or patients’ faces changed over time to the extent that their old fillers no longer suited them; and when a permanent filler is injected, it is impossible to undo.

At Flora Kim Dermatology, we only use temporary fillers made with hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of your skin, to protect our patients’ interests and beauty goals while also eliminating any worry about migration of a permanent filler to an unflattering location on the face as well as, skin allergies that may arise from a variety of ingredients in permanent fillers.

Removing Unwanted Fillers

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that is carefully injected into the area of the unwanted hyaluronic acid filler (not permanent fillers) and works to dissolve old fillers you no longer want due to facial changes or that were administered incorrectly. A slight bee-sting feeling that only lasts for about one second is commonly expected as hyaluronidase has a more acidic pH level. And bruising is always a possibility when a needle is inserted into the skin.

To maximize results of the hyaluronidase, continually massaging the injected area for about thirty minutes ensures that the hyaluronidase penetrates and correctly diffuses to where it needs to for the best outcome. Some fillers may take a few minutes to dissolve while others may need a few days, and if the filler is still present after a week, we can inject more hyaluronidase into the area to accomplish the desired look.

Correct Facial Volume Deficiency

After hyaluronidase, you can absolutely start over and add new fillers to the same area again. However, as hyaluronidase dissolves hyaluronic acid, I do not recommend injecting a new filler in the same area right afterward as your new filler would simply get dissolved by the lingering hyaluronidase. Instead, it is best to wait a while before getting another filler injection. Usually, I will assess on a case-by-case basis to see if a patient is ready for new fillers within the same area the next day or a few days later.