Bye, Acne: 3 Tips for a Clearer Complexion


Acne is a skin condition that universally affects everyone at some point in life — some people struggle with acne specifically in their teens, others experience it in adulthood, and some have sporadic breakouts regardless of age. Common triggers of acne include stress, poor sleep, hormonal changes, over-cleansing (or under-cleansing), sweat (from workouts, humidity, high temperatures, and even prolonged Covid mask wearing), medications/supplements, and diet. As unique individuals, insufficient sleep may cause acne for some, while dairy products in one's diet may be the issue for others.

Seeking professional help can put a stop to the physical and emotional distress that acne often brings about. Pairing that with the right acne treatment or prevention plan will help you overcome the hurdle of unwelcome breakouts and achieve clear skin much earlier than you imagined.

1. Seek Professional Help Early

You may think that going to a professional for something as small as a whitehead on your nose may be overkill, and thus be tempted to wait until your acne condition "worsens" before making an appointment. Unfortunately, prolonging the wait will only lengthen your route to acne recovery and may even result in permanent scarring.

Your dermatologist can guide your acne recovery journey and prescribe effective prescriptions that can help address active breakouts and calm inflammation. Besides that, in-office interventions such as the "Hollywood Emergency" treatment, which consists of carefully injecting a pimple with a liquid steroid that will shrink it in 24 hours, can be administered. Other treatments such as lasers, medical-grade micro-needling, and chemical peels are also excellent for reducing acne scarring, thereby promoting a smoother flawless texture.

2. Be Proactive About Your Skin

Now that you have consulted your skin expert, make sure you are diligent and disciplined in following their instructions to get the most effective results for a blemish-free complexion.

Just like how you need to put in regular effort to keep your physique in top shape, keeping your skin clear also takes daily commitment and work. For instance, acne is not just affected by what you apply to your skin; for you, it may also be about what you eat. Pairing a healthy diet with acne treatments could be your ultimate powerhouse combination to clearer skin.

Still, healthy eating (i.e. a nutritious diet that emphasizes fresh veggies and berries) can be difficult when you have a hectic schedule. This is where dietary supplements, like collagen powders and skin tailored oral vitamins and minerals come in handy. They provide your skin and body with adequate building blocks so that clear skin is possible even when you are constantly on the go.

Besides that, certain lifestyle habits can help alleviate acne too. Whether it is spending extra time to meticulously remove your makeup, getting enough beauty sleep, changing your pillowcases every weekend, or going for a facial every month, your skin deserves your care and attention, particularly when it is battling a breakout.

3. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure.

If your skin is clear most (but not all) of the time, why not eliminate breakouts entirely by consulting a dermatologist to identify your acne triggers?

Those who are experiencing active pimples should think about acne prevention in addition to stopping the cycle of recurrent breakouts. Treating current acne while preventing new pimples from forming will help quicken your recovery journey, reduce the severity of future breakouts, and minimize the chances of further inflammation and scarring.

Bid Goodbye to Acne Forever

The bottom line is that acne is manageable with the right products, dermatological interventions, and lifestyle changes. One thing to note is that everyone’s skin is different; what may work for your friend may not be the right acne treatment for you. Also, as your skin's needs evolve or seasons change, what may work for you today may not work tomorrow. Continually tweak your skincare routine and products to adapt to the ever-changing nature of your body.