How Microneedling Can Level Up Your At-Home Skincare Routine


Nightly microneedling at home is one of my favorite techniques for maintaining healthy skin and it can benefit just about anyone. Microneedling refers to using a device to create tiny micro punctures when rolled over the skin. By creating these micro-channels that serve as temporary open doors in your skin, the absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare products that are immediately applied after microneedling are exponentially enhanced. This can mean multiple benefits including smoother texture and smaller pore size. It also helps to stimulate collagen production with each micro-trauma created by each needle puncture in the skin which is an absolute must for all of us. 

Personally, I use Environ’s Gold Roller, the Microneedling Gold Roll-CIT because I believe in the ORIGINAL and still is the best one out there. The Microneedling Gold Roller was designed by Dr. Des Fernandes, who actually invented the concept of microneedling. It was his crazy idea that puncturing your skin and creating micro-trauma could be a good thing. Since then, countless brands have launched their own microneedling devices to jump on the bandwagon, but I believe Environ’s is still unparalleled. Dr. Fernandes perfected the ideal length and width of the needle, the distance between the needles, and the width of the roller to glide along the contours of the face. He even thoughtfully chose to gold plate his roller because gold naturally suppresses bacterial growth and contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

Starting with the forehead (you can start anywhere really!), roll vertically covering the whole area, then roll diagonally and finally horizontally. Continue with the same movements on the rest of the face — cheeks, chin, and neck. You can follow along with this tutorial to see my technique in action! 

After you have finished with the gold roller, I recommend applying Environ’s C-Quence 1 peptide serum and Antioxidant Defense Cream. I use 2-3 pumps of each product to generously nourish my skin and maximize results.

Some important notes: Do not share your microneedling device with anyone — just like you would not share other needles. You must thoroughly clean the roller — I do so by immersing it in pure witch hazel and rinsing.

I know that once you start, you will get hooked as you see the glow and health of your skin reflecting back at you each morning. Here’s to healthy beautiful you!