The Cosmelan Peel Offers Treatment For Hyperpigmentation Concerns—Including Stubborn Melasma


Some of the most common concerns I hear about from my patients are those about pigmentation in its various forms—whether its from freckles, sun damage, age spots, or the most stubborn of all, melasma. While we’ve always offered a variety of peels to treat pigmentation, I am particularly excited about the potency of the newest addition to our service menu—the Cosmelan Peel. I love this peel because it adds another powerful option in my arsenal to help tackle stubborn pigment issues—and it’s great for treating all forms of hyperpigmentation—even melasma. Even better, when administered under careful guidelines, the Cosmelan Peel is approved to treat all skin types and tones (not always the case with strong peels). In fact, it’s a scientifically proven chemical peel that helps brighten and lighten pigmentation. 

Typically, when you think of peels, you think of a relatively quick in-office treatment. A solution is applied to the skin (that’s when the tingling or stinging feeling kicks in) and after just a couple minutes, another liquid is applied that typically starts to reduce the tingling. The Cosmelan Peel, however, is actually removed at home. Here is how it works:

You’ll come into the office and discuss the procedure in depth with our esthetician, after which the initial “mask” is applied—and that’s it. Once you’re home, between six and twelve hours after the application (note: please abide by your bespoke instructions), you rinse it off yourself with lukewarm water.

After you’ve rinsed off the peel, the at-home care portion of the treatment (and the downtime) begins. I warn my patients that downtime can range from five-ten days, so plan accordingly. 

There are two phases of downtime. After the removal of the mask itself, your face will be pink/red and even warm to the touch. You may experience anything from mild to severe peeling and flaking, and possibly have dry, itchy skin that can last between 2-5 days. (I personally apply generous amounts of iS Clinical Sheald Recovery Balm throughout the day to completely eliminate any itchy dry skin). 

Once the side effects from the mask itself subside, it’s possible to also have a reaction to the at-home care products too—as these are also working hard to reduce pigmentation. This can manifest as mild flaking or redness. This is normal and it’s part of the process (however please know that we are here for you each step of the way so if anything doesn’t feel right, contact us immediately). 

You’ll stick to the Cosmelan Peel-specific aftercare regimen for two months, as the products help lighten the pigment and simultaneously protect and soothe the skin. The regimen includes the “cosmelan 2” depigmenting cream, a recovery balm, and an SPF.

One month out from the initial treatment, you’ll come back to the office for a follow-up appointment. During this appointment, if needed, the peel is re-applied to the main areas of concern and left on for 6-12 hours again, and resume the home care ritual.  

Give it a few weeks and your skin will be brighter and more even-toned than ever.

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