UPNEEQ: A noninvasive eye-opening life


Do you feel like your upper eyelids are slowly getting droopier and droopier? And are you hesitant about surgical solutions? But feel your upper eyelids need more than the eyebrow lift that a neuromodulator like Botox can do? UPNEEQ is the recently FDA-approved prescription EYEDROP proven to LIFT upper eyelids.

How does it work?

This medication comes in a box that contains 30 or 45 single use packages that each provide 4 drops.  You only need 2 drops for each morning (1 drop per eye), but the company provides 4 in case you miss or blink and the product does not get into your eye and rolls down your face.

EXPERT TIP:  For Best Results

After you place a drop in each eye in the morning, immediately DROP your chin down and while your eyelids are closed, look up, then left and right, and repeat multiple times - this is so that you can spread the medication evenly all over the inside of your upper eyelid for best results.  Then you wait about 15 minutes, and voila -welcome your eye-opening lift.  Of course, make sure that you put your contact lenses on AFTER the UPNEEQ. 

What does Dr. Kim think?

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Trust me, when I first heard about UPNEEQ, I was skeptical about what it could do.  Then we tried it ourselves.  We were BLOWN AWAY.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Take a look at this photo.  Many of you may know Stormie in our office.  She first only treated ONE eye so that we could see if there was any change to her treated versus untreated upper eyelid.  Can you tell which eye she treated with UPNEEQ???  It is unbelievable.

Furthermore (this is OFF-label and more anecdotal at this stage), patients are reporting that the whites of their eyes (the sclera) looks whiter and brighter.  Who would not want this added benefit?  Come schedule an appointment with me to find out if this new medication – UPNEEQ, is right for you.  Here’s to brighter, more opened eyes in 2023!

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